Tuesday, August 26, 2008

heART space - bali presents

title : the shoes of salvation
artist : ambar, aryo r., dona p. arisutta, hardiana, lasitha situmorang, liya amaliya, mary & mary, yoel fenin lambert
period : august 25th - september 9th, 2008
venue : heART space, jalan karang mas sejahtera 100, jimbaran 80364, bali, indonesia
opening reception : monday, august 25th, 2008 starting at 07:00 pm

With fashion having become such an important element in modern life, this exhibition observes how shoes function through artworks as a basic function in postmodernism and postmodernity. The exhibition also positions shoes and fashion into the social frame. At the present time, fashion and its attributes have became one of the wheels of capitalism used to make society one gigantic hegemony, mobilized by fashion magazines, catwalk models and celebrities. Commenting on this the exhibition illustrates how fashion and clothes can promote slavery (caused by its’ reproductive behavior) and also set it free (caused its’ revolutionary behavior)

published in The Beat magazine no. 215 (sept 05 – sept 18, 2008) page 136