Friday, September 5, 2008

bentara budaya - yogyakarta presents
title : kere munggah bale
curator : romo sindhunata
artists :
adi gunawan, agus kamal, agus merapi, ali umar, anggar prasetya, anis ekowindu, arahmaiani, diah yulianti, dona p. arisutta, endang lestari, hardiana, i gede arya sucitra, irawan banuaji, iwan effendi, katirin, m. agus burhan, nurkholis, sigit bapak, sri maryanto, suminto, susilo budi purwanto, terra bajraghosa, ugy sugiarto, wara anindyah
period : august 29th – September 8th, 2008
venue : bentara budaya, jl suroto no 2, kotabaru, yogyakarta, indonesia
opening reception : friday, august 29th,

this event is called as “yakopan”. yakopan is an annual event that bentara budaya held, regularly in the month of september, to celebrate it’s anniversary. it was officially launched last year in 2007, during the silver anniversary of the place, by it’s founder bapak jacob oetama.

yakopan this year, was not held in september as planned, due to the month of ramadhan. yakopan recent exhibition was titled “kere munggah bale”, and it was launched in the end of last month, august 29th, 2008. the above 24 artists participated in this exhibition, and it will run through, September 8th, 2008.

“kere munggah bale” is actually a javanese critical phrase. it is saying that any crafty person will be able to reach the “top”, if they use the opportunity. and these crafty people who gets to the “top” later forgets where to land. infact this is what is happening now, in indonesian art scene. and among indonesian artists, then there is a gap between those who has the opportunity and those who do not have it. therefore we have to ensure that people’s mentality of “kere munggah bale” would not get any deeper and ruins indonesian art world, further more.

by iwan effendi

by adi gunawan

by endang lestari