Wednesday, September 10, 2008

tangkas gallery, ubud - bali presents

title : mini art
artists :
anggara putra, diah ardanaresuari, guna tiana, i dewa arinata, i gede merta sukarya, i gede suryawan eka putra, i gusti lanang gede miasa, i gusti made kurniawan, i gusti made wisatawan, i komang purwita, i komang rai sukanta, i made agus merta, i made astika yasa, i made bayu yasana, i made gita, i made parma, i made rudita, i made suartama, i made sudyatmika, i made sugianta, i nengah murjana, i nyoman jasawan, i nyoman suartawan, i putu karang adi saputra, i putu sinar wijaya, i putu sukertiasa, i rai nopi ciptanadi, i wayan januariawan, i wayan mardana, i wayan suardana, i wayan sudiarta, i wayan sugita, i wayan yuliana, komang sudanta, mank gen, mariasa, miranti kusuma putri, muliarta, oktaravianus bakara, raden bagus suryaninggrat,
period : september 7th – october 7th, 2008
venue : tangkas gallery, jl raya ubud, ubud, bali, indonesia
opening reception : sunday, september 7th, 2008

By reading the title mini art, you may have guessed directly that you will see in the exhibition, artworks in mini or small sizes, on display. You are not wrong there, as they are mostly two dimensions with round about 10 x 10 cm in size.

Nowadays we often see Indonesian artists especially, pouring and expressing out their ideas on big size canvases. As some have their own perception that their work would be easier to sell and worth more, by making a bigger piece. Though, it really depends. In art, there is no limitation issue. Even tiny works could still be enjoyed and appreciated.

by i nyoman jasawan, "resah", variable dimensions, mixed medias, 2008

by muliarta, "perbedaan", 10 x 10 cm, mixed medias, 2008

Art is about freedom and has no boundaries. The freedom of thinking, creativity, expression, and exploration. Art is within the soul of every human being and connected with people’s everyday life. Therefore no need to square up ourselves in boxes of social elements. Life is a cycle and goes around in a circle, until the end of time. As told in the story of an art performance, presented in the exhibition’s opening.

bpk wahyu, bpk ida bagus alit, and bpk made djirna

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