Wednesday, September 17, 2008

space dialectics, sri sasanti gallery - yogyakarta presents

title : live in life
artists :
gatot indrajati, suraya
curator : suwarno wisetrotomo
period : september 6th – 25th, 2008
venue : sri sasanti gallery, jl palangan tentara pelajar no. 52A, sleman, yogyakarta, indonesia opening reception : saturday, september 6th, 2008

The theme of this exhibition is about dialects in a certain space. Gatot as well as Suraya, both elaborate their works in different ways.

Gatot has his own way of delivering his works using his imagination on various sequent and presents wooden toys as figures or 3 dimensional objects. His interpretation of space explain deep feeling, as seen on his works which gives the “intimacy”. Whereas Suraya uses her fantasy of her surroundings, where clear and complete visual constructions were turned into something not so clear and real.

The works of these 2 artists, are hope to changed or make public realize about and towards, many things around us.

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